FIRE crews have been praised for their swift response to a vehicle fire in Taunton last night (Tuesday, April 2).

Local resident Max Punni 'couldn't believe' what he was seeing as the fire broke out on George Street at around 11.35pm, whilst he was feeding his new-born baby, Kashmir.

"I saw the reflections of flickering flames outside. I ran to the door, still holding the baby," he said.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was like something in an action movie.

"My fear was, the car would explode and being in an urban area, and relatively close to a high wooden fence, there was a high risk that it would escalate."

Footage recorded by Max shows a BMW 3-series engulfed by a roaring blaze, with smoke pouring over neighbouring properties.

As the fire begins to worsen, footage shows a fire engine arrive at the scene following a 999 call from Max's wife, Ula.

"I was astonished, relieved and delighted, when the fire engine arrived immediately," Max added.

"The fire team were utterly professional and rolled up quietly and apparently with ease.

"Everybody was utterly polite and organised: testimony to their skill and training.

"This morning, there's hardly a trace that anything had happened at all!"