A PROLIFIC Frome shoplifter who has committed 31 thefts has been given a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO).

The CBO application against Joe Steel, 33, of Vallis Road, was granted by magistrates in Taunton last month.

31 thefts were noted in the application. Four of these were carried out at the same store in a single day.

From now on, Steel will be unable to:

  • Remain on a business or retail premises, or public and private grounds, when asked to leave by staff, the owner, occupier, police, or council appointed officials;
  • Enter any business or retail premises from where he’s been given a verbal warning or written banning notice;
  • Enter or loiter outside any Marks & Spencer stores, including car parks or petrol forecourts;
  • Enter or loiter outside any Co-op store, including car parks or petrol forecourts.

The police's Anti-Social Behaviour team worked with the Frome Neighbourhood Policing team to obtain the order.

PCSO Kris Seviour, of the Neighbourhood Policing team, said: “This defendant’s offending is having a significant impact on businesses in Frome, so it’s important we use all the tools at our disposal to prevent any further offences being committed.

“If the CBO is breached then this could result in up to five years’ imprisonment."