WHAT better way to round off a week of work than with some delicious baked food?

That's what I thought to myself as I strolled down the High Street in Wells towards Burns the Bread, which sits on Queen Street, last week.

Interestingly, there are actually six branches of the family-run bakery which have opened in Somerset since the business was founded in 1983.

Although there are several bakeries and delis in Wells, including Greggs, Burns the Bread often seems to be the busiest, so I ventured inside to see what they had on offer.

It was a pleasing sight to say the least, as I was immediately greeted by a counter of several freshly baked cakes, including many vegan options, alongside another counter full of savoury goods.Somerset County Gazette: A range of cakes on offer inside the bakery.A range of cakes on offer inside the bakery. (Image: Jamie Grover, Newsquest)

My order consisted of one Glastonbury Pasty, and a mini-one for my little boy, a lamb and mint sausage roll, as well as an Easter cornflake cluster topped with mini eggs - not forgetting a bottle of grapefruit Fanta to wash it all down.

I first tucked into the Glastonbury Pasty, and it exceeded my expectations. It was filled with mince beef and potatoes, as well as some veg, and although the filling was delicious, it was the crisp, flaky pastry which really stood out to me. 

I'm sure my son would agree, although he is not yet old enough to contribute to the review.

The Easter cornflake cluster was equally as good, and I could really taste the premium chocolate they had used to make sure it was extra tasty.Somerset County Gazette: A closer look at my order from Burns the Bread.A closer look at my order from Burns the Bread. (Image: Jamie Grover, Newsquest)

The highlight for me however was the lamb and mint sausage roll.

I was slightly sceptical of this upon purchasing, worried the flavours may be too rich and intense to enjoy without feeling slightly sickened, but my experience was actually quite the opposite.

Even when paired with Burns the Bread's top-notch pastry, the filling was the best part - this creation was simply sensational.

The only way I can describe it is as if a perfect lamb roast dinner had been packed into a large sausage roll - it really was that good.

If you have a Burns the Bread near where you live, or you happen to be passing by one, I highly suggest you pop in. They've definitely made a loyal customer out of me!