A FAMILY-RUN business in Somerset has expressed outrage after being handed a parking fine for working on their shopfront.

Natalie Taylor, co-owner of Runway Boutique - a women's clothing shop on the Market Square in Wells - had recruited the help of her father-in-law to help redecorate the front of her shop, on Thursday, April 11.

"It's a family run-business, me and my mum own it, my sister managers it, my auntie works, and my step mum works here," Natalie said.

“My father-in-law was redecorating the front of the shop - it’s important to keep it looking nice in the Market Square."Somerset County Gazette: Natalie's father-in-law, Tim, decorating the shopfront.Natalie's father-in-law, Tim, decorating the shopfront. (Image: Natalie Taylor)

Tim Taylor, father-in-law of Natalie, had parked his car on the Market Square right in front of the shop to retrieve his tools before starting the work.

Not even ten minutes later, he was handed a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) by a Somerset Council parking warden, with no chance to move his vehicle, and no opportunity to explain the circumstances.

When questioned, the warden allegedly stated that he was obliged to give a PCN as Tim's vehicle was not a 'works vehicle'.

“He was there ten minutes - if that," Natalie said.

“There was another van and another car in the Market Square, but they didn’t get tickets as they were works vehicles.”

The charge will set the business back £70, or £35 if paid off within 14 days. They have decided to appeal against the decision.

The local business owner expressed the difficulties that her and other businesses in the Market Square face due to a lack of nearby parking availability, combined with Wells' city centre's one way system.Somerset County Gazette: Runway Boutique, found at 23 Market Square in Wells.Runway Boutique, found at 23 Market Square in Wells. (Image: Jamie Grover, Newsquest)

She also felt the penalty was unjust, as during the twice-weekly market, vehicles appear to be allowed to park in the Market Square with no consequences.

“It’s so frustrating, we suffer a lot where we are as we have the markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays," she said.

“We’re just genuinely trying to run our business.

“You’re just kind of constantly battling, I don’t think they (Somerset Council) care, they’re not interested in helping.

“It’s just the added hassle and expense.”

She added: “It’s my father in-law, he was doing us a favour.

“He was really angry, he said ‘why didn’t you just say, you can see I’m working?'”

Somerset Council said they could not comment on the situation until the appeals process had been completed.