Beckington Castle is the setting of a ghost story aimed at teens, young adults and the young at heart.

The Murky History of Beckington Castle, written by Susan Leona Fisher, is a book of fiction that incorporates real characters and events from the early 17th century.

A the time when the castle was home to Sir James Ley and the notorious Villiers family.

The protagonist of the story, 13-year-old George, who is sceptical of the supernatural, visits the castle with his grandma.

She inexplicably disappears, and George finds himself conversing with a peer donning period attire.

The ghostly journey deepens as encounters with the Villiers family, including King James' favourite, George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham introduced.

The story is attractive to Beckington locals, enthusiasts of Jacobean history and teachers of Key Stage 3 English or History.

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Ms Fisher is renowned for her historical novels, often set during the beloved Regency period and has written a biography of Violet Douglas Pennant.

The book draws inspiration from a visit to the castle when Ms Fisher learned of eerie sights and sounds experienced in the ancient building.