A BRIDGE in Somerset has recently been on the receiving end of thousands of shares and likes on social media.

The Frome Bridge, on Frome High Street, has attracted the attention of the 874,000 people part of popular public Facebook group, Dull Men's Club.

Kerine Elmer shared a picture of the Somerset bridge, along with some fascinating reasons why it should be appreciated.

"This is the bridge at the far end of the high street in Frome, Somerset," they wrote.

"Looks like a regular bridge, except it isn't.

"There are only three bridges in the UK that have multi-storey shops and houses on them.

"It was fairly normal in the middle ages, but almost all of them are gone now.

"This bridge was widened and rebuilt in 1821, replacing the 1667 cart bridge, which replaced the 14th century bridge that had two storey wooden buildings on.

"Unusually they decided to replace the buildings in the 1821 upgrade.

"The other two bridges in the UK are Pulteney Bridge (1770) in nearby Bath, which is one of only four in the world with buildings on both sides.

"The oldest (1160) is High Bridge in Lincoln, where their bridge is part of the main high street."

A spokesperson for Discover Frome added: "Most people are familiar with the Old London Bridge which was similarly built, but it is unusual to see such a structure on Frome’s small scale."