THE much-loved annual Somerset Art Weeks Festival will return this year with a new theme.

The festival has been run every year since 1994 by local charity Somerset Art Works (SAW) and has become a treasured part of the Somerset calendar.

Artists and makers of every medium, from painting to performance, have been invited to join the festival and become part of this celebration of our county’s exciting creative voices.

This year, they are invited to respond to the theme of Landscape: Flux and Flow.

The theme will draw our attention to our changing local landscapes and growing intimacy with the natural environment, and positioning those within the larger context of the climate crisis.

Somerset County Gazette: Fiona Campbell with her work-in-progress Flags of the Forest.Fiona Campbell with her work-in-progress Flags of the Forest. (Image: Fiona Campbell)

The festival offers a platform to artists and makers to showcase the county's vibrant creative voices, ensuring the festival bubbles with a vast range of artistic expressions.

Mark your calendars from September 21 to October 6, as this is when the characteristically yellow road signs for the Somerset Art Weeks Festival will crop up at every pocket of Somerset.

Visitors can expect a delightful experience; each sign guarantees an intriguing discovery and extraordinary exhibition or show in their local area.

Somerset Art Weeks Festival has been a beacon of inspiration and challenge year after year, establishing dialogues between artists and audiences through its unique themes.

SAW offers valuable opportunities and support for artists to produce work on this theme during the festival.

The aim is to provide customised support for artist members to refine their practice and deliver high-quality, challenging work in public spaces around Somerset.

The festival is not just for artists with their own studios.

It encourages anyone with a creative spark and a desire to connect with other artists to join in.

The deadline for applications is April 30, 2024.

Somerset County Gazette: Artist Bronwen Coe at work.Artist Bronwen Coe at work. (Image: Bronwen Coe)

Complete details on how to participate in the Somerset Art Weeks Festival 2024 can be found on the SAW website at

Equally, remember to pick up a guide from your local library, cultural organisation or tourist information centres across Somerset in September.

This year the festival proudly welcomes a new headline sponsor, Albert Goodman.

Their generous contribution will enable the reach of arts to further extents and ensure the continued success of the festival, allowing Somerset's art scene to prosper.