A MAN who spotted a tree that looks like a Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur has shared it on social media to “make people smile”.

Keith Hunt saw the dino-shaped foliage with tiny bushy arms hanging over a road in Minehead.

Mr Hunt, who runs a small sustainable living shop called Our Precious Earth, said: “I hadn’t seen it before so looked when I walked past and decided the wind must have moved it. 

“I looked back and saw the image!

“I walked a bit further and thought, I must take a photo of it and put on social media to make people smile on a Monday morning.”

The Tyrannosaurus rex was a predatory dinosaur that lived during the end of the Cretaceous Period – around 66 million years ago.

Its fossils have been found in the United States and Canada.

They reached around 40 feet in length, grew to 12 feet tall and weighed between 5.5 and eight tonnes.

Reported by the  SWNS news agency.