The Dreamboys are coming to Yeovil for a night of explosive and immersive dance.

The famed male strip troupe will showcase their abilities at The Westlands Theatre on Friday, May 10.

It promises to be an evening of pulsating music and audience participation.

Celebrating 35 years in the entertainment business, The Dreamboys have a track record of thrilling audiences with their dynamic performances.

The group has grown from a local sensation to a global phenomenon, with 80 performers captivating audiences with their engaging charisma and exceptional dance skills.

Noting the increasing diversity in their fanbase, traditionally associated with female audiences, the troupe now attracts individuals of all genders, ages, and backgrounds.

Jordan Darrell, creative director, said "We're setting the stage on fire with raunchier routines, awe-inspiring staging, and more audience engagement than ever before."

Alice Woods, director of Dreamboys, added "Our commitment to the art of male striptease and the sexual liberation of women and the LGBTQ+ communities remains constant, promising a night of playful excitement in a safe atmosphere".

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