A Somerset housebuilder is currently hiring for a new role it created for youngsters.

Redrow South West is recruiting for an ‘Archi-tot of the future’ to design a house suitable for the year 2074 - 50 years from now.

The search for the recruit is part of its 50th birthday celebrations and the housebuilder is calling on young people aged four to 16 across Somerset to apply for the position.

Self-cleaning bathrooms, wallpaper that changes depending on your mood, and auto-restocking fridges are some of the features that must suit the needs of an ultra-modern family life while being energy efficient and built sustainably.

The role can be applied for by submitting their ‘house of the future’ designs at redrow.co.uk/news-and-inspiration/news/national/design-our-future-homes.

The winning design not only gets a £100 prize but the winning Archi-tot's school or college will also receive £150 in art vouchers.

Plus, the winning design will be stored in a time capsule in the ground at the closest Redrow development, ready to be revealed in fifty years.

Sian Smith, sales director at Redrow South, said: "In our 50th year of housebuilding, we’re looking to the future by calling on Somerset and the South West’s most creative young talent to imagine what a home will look like in 2074.

"From convertible roofs for those hot summer nights, to self-tinting windows and robot gardeners who mow the lawn, we’re looking for the most adventurous and ambitious designs.

The competition is open until midnight on May 17.

The winner will also be considered for Redrow's apprenticeship programme.