YOU may not expect it from first impressions, but this small burger van situated in the car park of a pub in Somerset is home to one of the best burgers in the nation.

Fattso, which operates from a van in Wells, next to the Cheddar Valley Inn, serves up tantalising gourmet burgers and chips from 5pm until 9pm between Thursday and Saturday every week.

Everything on the menu sounded sensational to me, but what stood out most was the Royale burger, which had been crowned the UK's third best burger at the 2023 National Burger Awards.

This sensational creation contains a dry aged double beef patty, Worcester sauce flavoured mayo, malt pickled onions, American cheese, ogleshield cheese (made with Jersey milk), swiss gruyere cheese, and onions fried in bone marrow confit.Somerset County Gazette: The Fattso van is located just outside the Cheddar Valley Inn.The Fattso van is located just outside the Cheddar Valley Inn. (Image: Jamie Grover, Newsquest)

Without a second thought, I jumped into the queue and placed my order, along with a lemon Fanta and a portion of Fattso loaded fries.

After a wait whilst admiring the sunset from a picnic bench, my food was ready, and I sped away to give it a try.

The burger was up there with the best things I've ever eaten, with so many flavours that although complementary, were hard to describe.

It really is that good, the combination of three creamy cheeses and the saltiness brought about by the unique sauce and bone marrow onions is honestly something to behold.

My favourite part about the burger was the beef, which was cooked to absolute perfection - slightly crispy and seared on the outside, but still soft and juicy in the middle - leading me to believe even the most simple burger they offer would be out of this world.Somerset County Gazette: A closer look at my order.A closer look at my order. (Image: Jamie Grover, Newsquest)

The loaded fries were more of the same - just excellent, and a great portion size too.

Not greasy at all, and cooked to perfection once again, the fries were topped with Fattso's own nacho cheese sauce, garlic and chive buttermilk mayo, pickled jalapenos and crispy onions.

The burger itself set me back £12.50, and the loaded fries a further £8, but I did not feel even slightly short-changed, as the quality, flavour, and portion size was relative to what I had spent.

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, Fattso offers a 'meal deal' of a burger, fries, and drink for £15.

If you find yourself within a 45-minute radius of Wells, I'd strongly recommend you give Fattso a try. 

For those of you not from Somerset - thanks for reading - you're also in luck, as Fattso serves food at the Stag & Hounds pub in Old Market, Bristol.