A CYGNET just weeks old has been killed by a dog at a Somerset tourist attraction.

The seven eggs laid by mother swan Grace at the Bishop's Palace in Wells hatched less than two weeks ago, with the fluffy cygnets seen swimming around the moat which surrounds the palace.

They were first seen on the afternoon of Saturday, April 20, but one of the seven has already been killed by an aggressive dog.

The Bishop's Palace reported this morning that a dog which was off its lead had entered into the moat, and despite an 'amazing effort' by mother Grace to fight it off, one of the cygnets died as a result.

The full statement issued by the Bishop's Palace reads: "We are extremely sad to report that this morning, one of our cygnets was killed by a dog entering the moat.

"Grace put up an amazing effort to fight off the dog and save the other cygnets.

"The matter is now with the police and we will be unable to comment further.

"Please keep dogs on a lead around the moat at all times."

A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police said: "We received a report at around 10.30am today (Friday 3 May) that a cygnet had sadly been killed by a spaniel-type dog while it was off its lead near Bishop's Palace, in Wells.

"Officers attended and the dog was located and put back on a lead and the owner has been identified.

"Enquiries are ongoing."