A DISPOSABLE vape shop has opened in Taunton after nine successful months in Wellington.

Quickvapes4you recently opened a store on East Reach after initially launching their vaping store, with a strong emphasis on recycling, in Wellington.

Owners Jason Cory-Humble and Amy Durvan said that with their shop they “want to help people to stop smoking”.

When opening their first shop, Jason and Amy said their business would be “based around the quality supply of these vapes and the sustainable recycling of them”.

They added: “Disposable is a growing market that also needs to be operated correctly.

"Our ethos is based around the quality supply of these vapes and the sustainable recycling of them.

“All disposables are 100 per cent recyclable and lithium-ion batteries are so important with the way the world is changing to everything battery and must be recycled and not put into the bin.”

They are now reinforcing this message and are encouraging their customers to bring back their vapes.

Somerset County Gazette:

They said: “We at Quickvapes4u are happy to fulfil our legal obligation to recycle used disposable vapes on a like-for-like basis, e.g. buy three, return three.

“We can only recycle vapes that have been purchased from us. Please return your used vapes to the retailer you purchased them from, it’s their legal responsibility.”

Somerset County Gazette:

In January 2024, the government announced that disposable vapes will be banned in England.

The Scottish Government and Welsh Government have also confirmed they intend to introduce legislation.

A disposable vape has a very short life span and, as well as encouraging youth vaping, they are harmful to our environment.

Jason and Amy also said the vaping industry and their store are at the forefront and already one step ahead as they also sell alternatives to disposable vapes.

“When the government mentioned banning disposable vapes, the industry was one step ahead.

“We have pre-filled pod systems with different vaping systems and rechargeable and refillable vapes. We have a massive range of this kind of vapes.”

Jason and Amy previously said: “There are 1.2million disposables being sold each week in the UK but there is a lack of education around what to do with them when they are finished thus starting to cause problems.

“Many convenient shops, garages, even phone shops are now selling these vapes with no regulation in place.

“Whether we sell them or not they are fast becoming an issue, so we are taking the lead to how the vape industry needs to run by offering a return scheme for disposables."