Sarah Dyke, the MP for Somerton and Frome, met with representatives of animal welfare charity Blue Cross.

It follows government measures in October to ban XL bully dogs, which Blue Cross and other charities are against.

They argue that breed type bans, unsupported by detailed evidence, won't resolve the problem of irresponsible ownership.

Blue Cross is proposing an overhaul of legislation, including a consolidated bill underpinned by dog bite and attack research; creation of a centralised database to record bite incidents; reintroduction of dog licensing, and improved enforcement of breeding control regulations.

Ms Dyke said: "As a dog owner myself, I believe better dog control legislation is essential.

"We need to stop people who breed dogs for the wrong reasons being able to get them, and to educate responsible owners on how best to care for their dog.

"Breed Specific Legislation has not done enough to stop horrific dog attacks, and a new approach is needed".

Becky Thwaites from Blue Cross said: "We invited MPs along to hear about how we believe that through collaboration and support we can, together, improve responsible dog ownership with emphasis being made on dog owners rather than demonising any particular breed".

Somerset County Gazette: