SOMERSET Council is currently deliberating on whether or not to ban dogs from part of a popular beach.

At an Executive meeting which began at 10am today, Wednesday, May 8, a proposal to re-implement a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) for dog fouling at Minehead beach was among items on the agenda.

However, unlike the previous PSPO which expired in 2019, the council is proposing banning dogs from only part of the beach, running from Minehead Golf Club Groyne to the Jubilee café, from May to September.

Dependant on the outcome of the meeting, the area could become out of bounds to dogs from May until September this year.

It is proposed that the harbour area will remain free for people to walk their dogs.

The decision comes in response to a consultation launched by unitary authority launched in September 2023, which asked residents of Minehead and the neighbouring settlements whether the orders that expired in 2019 should be reinstated for three more years.

A supplement handed to members of the Executive in attendance at the Somerset Council meeting read: "There were 533 responses to the consultation for the reintroduction of PSPO’s in Somerset West, with the two areas attracting the greatest number of replies and comments being the proposals at Blenheim Gardens and the beach at Minehead."

The consultation found the 57 per cent of respondents said that they would visit the beach a lot less often or a bit less often if no dog restrictions were in place, with only 32 per cent stating they would visit more often.

66 per cent of responders to the consultation said they would be favour of keeping the previous restrictions of a complete ban of dogs from the beach.

60 per cent said they'd prefer the ban to be in effect only between Minehead Golf Club Groyne to the Jubilee café.

After the findings were listed to councillors, the supplement read: "The response to the consultation has shown the residents and visitors to Minehead wish for the dog ban on the beach be reinstated.

"While it initially appear the preference would be to maintain the previous restrictions we are proposing to implement the alternative restrictions to allow dogs access to the between Jubilee Café and the Harbour area of the beach as there was a strong response requesting some access to the beach for dogs to enjoy.

"This is considered the best option."

It is expected that Somerset Council will officially announced the result of the meeting in due course.