A NEW book dedicated to Taunton's history through architecture is set to go on sale this week.

Taunton in 50 Buildings is described as 'a guided tour' through the county town's most fascinating historic and modern buildings.

Written by Somerset resident Lynne Cleaver, the book is the latest title in Amberley's 50 Buildings series.

Lynne undertakes private family and local history research for those unable to do their own.

The 96-page-long book features 120 illustrations, and will hit shelves on Wednesday, May 15, costing £15.99.

Taunton in 50 Buildings will also be available in Kindle, Kobo and iBook formats.

A spokesperson for Amberley Publishing said: "Taunton in 50 Buildings explores the history of the county town of Somerset through a selection of its most interesting buildings and structures, showing the changes that have taken place over the years.

"The book will appeal to all those who live in Taunton or who have an interest in the area."