Your favourite eateries across Taunton have joined forces with a mobile app in the fight against food waste and hunger.

Too Good To Go has claimed that more than 1/3 of food is wasted, and the company is fighting to change that statistic.

The app allows users to secure ‘magic bags’, containing a mix of left-over meals, baked goods or groceries, that would otherwise be thrown away at the end of the working day.

The app is designed in order for businesses to cut down on food waste, it can also be good for residents feeling the pinch during the cost of living crisis. 

Here is a roundup of businesses using the app in our region. All food is subject to what the businesses have on offer at the end of every day. Prices may vary. You can also see allergy information on the website.

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M&S Simply Food Taunton Musgrove Hospital offers a selection of grocery items from ready meals, fruit and veg, bakery items, meats, fish and snacks.

Morrisons Daily - Taunton West provides a selection of fruit and veg, cooked meats, prepared meals, bakery products, cakes and cheese.

From a surprise bag at Southern Co-op - Wellington Road, Taunton, you can expect pantry staples, and food items from salads, fruits cheeses, meats, cakes and snacks.

Costa Coffee - Taunton Drive Thru gives out food-on-the-go items like sandwiches, toasties, salads, pastries and cakes.

A bag from BP M&S Cross Keys gets you fruits, vegetables, ready meals or sandwiches.

Miss Millies in Wellington gets you discounted chicken and sides.

In a bag from Starbucks Taunton Drive Thru and Taunton Railway Station you can expect wraps, bagels, paninis, salads, sweet treats, yogurts, juices, healthy snacks and pastries.

Holiday Inn Taunton offers a breakfast bag that gives you Full English breakfast and extra continental items.

Harvester at Griffin offers a rotisserie chicken, a salad, dressings and bread rolls.

Pizza Express Bridge Street Taunton is a surprise bag that includes one main course or three starter/desserts, Dough balls, Calamari, chocolate fudge or lasagna.

Sourthen Co-op on Wellington Road also offers a bakery bag, where you can bag items from the in-store bakery.

Greggs North Street Taunton and Greggs in Orchard Shopping Centre get you sandwiches bakes or sweet treats. 

For more information, download the Too Good To Go app.