IN April 2014, audiences flocked to a much-loved Taunton theatre venue when it reopened its doors.

The Brewhouse Theatre, which closed in February 2013, reopened the year after under the Taunton Theatre Association.

Speaking one month in, Val Hammond, joint director of the Taunton Theatre Association,  said that the reopening had gone “better than expected” and that it was a "baptism of fire."

At the time, Val told the Somerset County Gazette: “We had two full-week shows, which were both well received, and people are still talking about them, which, when you are starting from scratch...”

Audiences were treated to Taunton Gang Show, High School Musical, and a one-off Limelight Theatre performance, as well as the doublewhammy Tone Talent shows, and art exhibitions.

Val added: “We’ve had a good opportunity to test out the theatre in a lot of different ways, and it has worked.”

Val was eager to get the message out there.

Val said:  “Some people have telephoned the Brewhouse asking if it’s open, or come in to ask if we are.

“I’ve been into some shops where people have said to me, ‘of course, the Brewhouse is closed’, and I have had to insist that’s not the case.

“We are open, and that’s the big message we want to get out.”