Somerset tennis star Annabelle Davis is flourishing at the University of North Florida, combining her talent on the courts with a degree in health sciences.

Davis, 22, is a former student at Millfield School and was awarded the prestigious Dorothy Dorion Endowed Scholarship to play on the UNF Women’s tennis team. 

Davis told the UNF website: “I look back and think, wow, I was really young to live away from my family. Now, I think it was a precursor to my college days.  

“The fact that I was awarded an athletic scholarship and could also study for a career has been life-changing. The first time I toured the UNF campus, I knew right away this is where I wanted to be.”  

Dr Julie Merten from the University added: “Annabelle is a born leader who would succeed in whatever major she chose. As a student athlete, she was looking for a program that would be flexible with her schedule and complement her strengths and interests in the health sciences.”  

Davis has now progressed to the Taylor Leadership Institute, where she is passing on her knowledge as a mentor to young kids.

“It was an insightful experience to see how important early intervention is with young children, plus, it was a wonderful way to tie in health, psychology and leadership,” Davis said. 

“I like to lead through my actions and training rather than giving out directions. My educational journey at UNF has been such an incredible experience.

“I have loved every minute of my four years here, so much so, that I would do all four years over again.” 

Dr Matthew Ohlson said Davis is one of the Taylor Leadership Institute's stars: “The Taylor Leadership Institute at UNF helps students discover their own greatness, and Annabelle is one of our absolute stars.

“It has been amazing to see her shine as a leader on the tennis court, in the classroom and within the community.”