The Somerscience festival hosted a panel discussion on the importance of generating long-term career opportunities to nurture prosperity across the South West.

It was part of a community-led initiative that offers a family day centred around science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Liberal Democrat MP for Somerset and Frome, Sarah Dyke, led the session.

Alongside her were panellists Clive Higgins, CEO of Leonardo UK, David Evans, Mat Thewlis, and Karl Tucker who brought diverse insights.

They discussed sustainable business practices, volunteering, and community engagement as key strategies for regional prosperity.

Clive Higgins, chair and CEO of Leonardo UK said: "Industry and business can enable individuals to grasp job opportunities and we have over 200 STEM ambassadors who are going into schools and colleges to promote STEM awareness.

"We want to support people along the entire chain of employment from initial awareness of STEM careers at school, right through to taking up a role at our company."

Leonardo brought STEM to life with a Virtual Reality Eurofighter Typhoon experience at their exhibit.

Leonardo STEM ambassador, Joshua Barry said: "I thoroughly enjoyed Somerscience 2024, we had some amazing engagement from fascinated and knowledgeable kids and parents."

The event sparked curiosity and possibility amidst children and adults alike.