A CARE provider in Taunton recently held a training experience on a Virtual Dementia Tour bus.

Home Instead Taunton and South West Somerset hosted the dementia awareness event at their Galmington office on May 13, which was attended by Nick O’Donnell, the then-mayor of Taunton.

The Virtual Dementia Tour bus is a simulator that provides individuals with a glimpse into the potential realities of living with dementia.

Utilising specialist equipment and creating a simulated environment, participants were assigned various tasks to complete on the bus.

Attendees shared their insights from the experience.

One participant remarked: "It was an enlightening experience to really put yourself into the shoes of those who have dementia.

"It has certainly made me think about how they feel and experience their daily lives."

Somerset County Gazette: Utilising specialist equipment and creating a simulated environment, participants were assigned

Another person described it as "a brilliant but overwhelming experience".

Managed by Training 2 CARE, the Virtual Dementia Tour is a medically and scientifically proven method of giving a person with a healthy brain the experience of what dementia might be like.

Dr Mark Hunt, owner of Home Instead Taunton and West Somerset, said: "As a company that supports older people with dementia living at home, Home Instead sees the impact that the condition has on families and those in the community.

"The dementia checklist is such a useful tool to demonstrate the common signs your loved one is showing, from asking the same question repeatedly to struggling to find the right word.

"Getting an early diagnosis is important, and that’s the message we’re spreading when out in the community to mark Dementia Action Week."

Home Instead offers a dementia training programme that has been recognised by City & Guilds and honoured with a Princess Royal Training Award.

For further information about their care services or the dementia checklist, Home Instead can be contacted at community@tauntonsomerset.homeinstead.co.uk or on 01823 211121.