Citizens Advice Somerset has shared their top tips for buying a second-hand car.

They received a car-related complaint every three minutes last year, and over one-seventh concerned safety issues.

Iona Sharkey, research and campaign lead, explained the importance of making careful decisions when purchasing a used car.

She said: "Unexpected car problems can cost us more than just money, they can cause us to miss work or prevent us from dropping the kids off at school.

"Many people in Somerset are feeling the pinch right now, so it's vital to ensure you get exactly what you pay for when you buy a used car."

For those considering a second-hand car, you are advised to research traders, inspect the car's history, and consider payment options carefully.

Purchasing from a reputable dealer part of the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme provides greater protection.

If you buy privately, ensure the car is roadworthy unless agreed otherwise.

Running background checks, keeping copies of inspections, and taking a thorough test drive are essential steps.

You need to pay attention to the payment method as your potential rights vary depending on how you pay.

If you are unsure or need help, reach out to Citizens Advice Somerset.