THE County Gazette has asked locals and readers to name their favourite tattoo artists in Taunton.

This sparked interesting debate as enthusiastic supporters chimed in with their top picks.

High on many lists, Marked Skin Mark drew several endorsements, with one fan exclaiming: "Marked Skin Mark is amazing."

Phil Tolfree from DOOM Tattoo also garnered praise from admirers.

One reader explained: "Phil Tolfree DOOM Tattoo is incredible, wouldn't go anywhere else." 

While if any artist dominated the responses, it was certainly Richard Sekules.

He stood out with a string of recommendations, with fans describing him as "an incredibly talented individual".

One huge admirer of Mr Sekules' work added: "If you are looking for an artist that is not a copy, is value for money and a true gentleman - it is definitely Richard Sekules."

Even the artist's wife Melanie joined in with the flurry of recommendations, saying: "My lovely, talented and hard-working husband Richard Sekules."

Other artists celebrated by the public include DMJ Tattoos, Love For Ink and Jamie Wood, who was named multiple times.

While one reader could not decide on just one and just wanted to give a shout out to all of Taunton's talented artists.

They said: "I think that depends on the kind of tattoo you are looking for to be honest, I like the work of a lot of artists in Taunton as all unique and special in different ways."

This wealth of talent suggests a thriving tattoo community in Taunton.