THE British Red Cross is changing the way it delivers its mobility aids service in Taunton as it launches a nationwide programme.

From next month, the centre on Livingstone Way will be supplying wheelchairs through a home delivery service.

A spokesperson for the British Red Cross said “it’s just a change in how we deliver the service” and “people will still receive the service”.

The spokesperson also added “the Taunton office will not be closing”.

The full message read: “The British Red Cross will still be supplying wheelchairs, but we are shifting to a nationwide home delivery service on June 17.

“This means more people than ever before will be able to get a wheelchair when they need one, delivered to their front door.

“Customers will be able to access this service by booking a wheelchair via our website or through a dedicated telephone number.

“The service will be faster and more efficient, we expect it to be much more convenient and a great improvement for most people.

“We’ve been providing wheelchairs to the public and the NHS since 1914, this new service is a new approach that will mean we can help more people stay mobile or get out and about.”

“The Taunton office will not be closing and continue to deliver vital health and care services including intermediate care and oncology transport service along with first aid training.

“We are however changing how we deliver our mobility aids service by launching a nationwide home delivery service.

“This has meant some locations previously used for the maintenance and supply of wheelchairs and mobility aids are scheduled to close, including the site we use within the Taunton office for our mobility aids service.

“Other British Red Cross services operating from this site won’t be affected.”