AS one of the leading members’ clubs around the world, Soho House certainly knows how to make people feel at home.

Following the bestselling Eat Drink Nap and Morning Noon Night, its third book - City Country Coast - transports readers into the heart of their international destinations like never before.

Learn from its experts as Soho House shares with readers the secrets behind its way of doing things - from their most desirable international and home locations. It’s a celebration of its destinations around the world.

The 300-page highly illustrated book features a foreword from founder Nick Jones, and newly commissioned photography from leading food and interiors photographers Mark Seelen and Jean Cazals.

Be transported to urban oases in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Rome and Paris, rural escapes at Soho Farmhouse and Babington House in Oxfordshire and Somerset, and sun-bathed coastal havens in Mykonos, Barcelona, Brighton, Saint Vincent and Tel Aviv.

Contemporary, global yet with something quintessentially English and homely at its heart, this is Soho House style explained by its experts: the grit and the glamour, the style and the cosiness.

Packed with recipes and design tips, City Country Coast shows how to transport a slice of Soho House living home.

Whether you want to recreate the popular house regular macaroni cheese or choose the right sofa for a sitting room, the clubs’ experts will share their blueprint for stylish, contemporary living the Soho House way.

Somerset County Gazette: Babington House in SomersetBabington House in Somerset (Image: Soho House)

Discover food and drink recipes from the Soho House kitchens, along with interior design stories and tips on how to bring the House home.

Learn how to cook food guests will love, how to make every room feel stylish but welcoming, as well as how to throw a party, mix a cocktail, design a bedroom or build an art studio,

Whether you require a room refresh or a total transformation, this book is a guide on achieving the contemporary, cosy and global style of Soho House.

Each chapter of City Country Coast is full of food and drink recipes, design stories from the Houses and how to recreate the style in your own home, and lifestyle stories about cooking with fire, hosting, picnicking, and growing wildflowers and vegetables.

Contemporary, global yet with something quintessentially English and homely at its heart, this is Soho House style explained by its the grit and the glamour, the style and the coziness.

Nick Jones, Founder, said: “Since we started Soho House back in 1995 I’ve been amazed and frankly flattered by the number of times our members and hotel guests have asked where we get our ‘stuff’ and how exactly we make their favourite dish or drink.

“We’ve learnt a lot over the years and we’re still learning – the next Soho House we open will be different from the last; but at the heart of every House are central guiding principles that help to make it what it is.

“From how to throw a memorable party to how to make a truly comfortable bed, if you like what we do then this book will help you take the House home.”

A Soho House spokesman added: “City Country Coast opens the doors to some of our newest locations, as well as the timeless Houses that our members know and love.

“These include urban boltholes in West Hollywood, Hong Kong, Rome and Paris, country escapes in Oxfordshire and Somerset, as well as coastal havens in Mykonos, Barcelona, Brighton, Canouan and Tel Aviv.

“The carefully curated content of the book shines a spotlight on Soho House’s expanding global footprint.

“And our favourite part? It’s got to be the step-by-step guide to making our Founder Nick Jones’s patented boiled eggs and soldiers. Don’t say we don’t spoil you.”

Here, Somerset Life publishes an extract from the book.

Somerset County Gazette: Babington House in SomersetBabington House in Somerset (Image: Soho House)


When guests come to stay, you want them to feel as comfortable in your home as they do in their own. Here are a few simple suggestions from our bedrooms to yours.

1. Think of the bed as the centrepiece for your guest room. It’s a good idea to make it look as warm and inviting as possible by adding cushions and a cosy, textured throw.

2. We’re big fans of a Hypnos mattress – they are pocket-sprung and made from natural materials, which help to regulate body temperature. Add a mattress topper, soft cotton or brushed linen sheets and a downy duvet.

3. Offer a generous number of pillows – we use seven. Three big squares at the back, which are ideal support when reading, plus two firm and two soft pillows at the front so your guests can choose the support they prefer.

4. A basket of items that may have been forgotten is always a thoughtful touch. Include fluffy towels, a razor, deodorant, a toothbrush, and a selection of shampoos, conditioners and shower gels.

5. Warm, dim lighting and low-level bedside lamps are a helpful way to create a soft glow. If you have air conditioning, make sure the room isn’t too chilly – ours tend to be set to a temperature of 21°C (69.8°F).

6. Magazines or books by the bed and a small vase of fresh flowers are a nice touch. Choose books that speak to the personality of your guests. On the bedside table, have a radio on low (classical music is a Soho House signature), a jug of water and a plated snack.Somerset County Gazette: Babington House in SomersetBabington House in Somerset (Image: Soho House)


Sitting room, lounge, snug or drawing room – whatever you like to call it, there’s no doubt it’s one of the most important rooms in the house. We spend a lot of time planning the layout of ours.

1. Choose a focal point. Is it the TV or the view? Or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace. Design ‘out’ from that point.

2. Low, moveable seating like footstools or ottomans give the flexibility to change a space, and can come in and out of the room as required to seat more people when you have guests.

3. When choosing a sofa, go big. Mismatching the sofa and armchair will create a more eclectic look. Bringing in one vintage seating option is a good idea, too. If you have a smaller space, try a loveseat. Our Soho Home loveseats are inspired by the classic comfy sofas at Babington House.

4. Try to add one statement piece, like a coffee table in an interesting material such as marble or wood. And then if you have a side table, go for one in a different material to build in contrast and depth.

5. Scatter cushions add another layer of comfort, and can introduce bold colours and patterns in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

Soho House: City Country Coast published by Century, Penguin Random House priced at £30.

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