THE excitement of Glastonbury Festival is growing but with it comes the notorious traffic chaos.

That means experts are now sharing key tips to ease travel burdens.

Preparations are underway for the highly-anticipated event, and along with the enthusiasm for the stellar lineup, discussions have turned to travel chaos.

Laura Stokes, travel expert and co-founder of the travel company Coach Hire Comparison, has stepped in with guidance and advice on how to sail through the congestion.

Ms Stokes urges residents and those planning to travel near the festival to "plan ahead and be flexible".

She advised: "Try to schedule any necessary trips during off-peak hours when traffic is lighter and check for road closures and potential congestion points.

"Flexibility is key when it comes to navigating unpredictable traffic situations, so consider leaving earlier or later to avoid peak traffic times, significantly reducing your travel time, and have a backup plan in case your primary route is congested."

She further suggests to "explore alternative routes," stating "Don't rely solely on the main roads or the routes you usually take."

Ms Stokes explained that alternative routes might appear to take you out of the way, but they could save you valuable time.

She highlights the significance of real-time traffic update apps to guide in choosing the least congested routes.

Public transport or car-sharing is also encouraged.

She suggests: "If you must drive, sharing a car with people heading to the same destination or in the same direction is a great way to help reduce the number of vehicles on the road, helping to reduce congestion.

“Additionally, consider using public transportation options such as buses, coaches or trains.

"This also helps contribute to reducing carbon emissions so it’s a win-win for both commuters and the planet."

Ms Stokes' final piece of advice was regarding patience and staying informed.

She concluded: "Traffic during Glastonbury can be unpredictable, and delays are almost inevitable, so if you’re planning to travel then it’s important to stay informed and be prepared.

"Keep an eye on traffic updates through radio, social media, or dedicated apps.

"A good playlist also helps to keep your spirits up in case you find yourself stuck in the congestion."