THERE are many reasons to visit Taunton’s Mecca Bingo, and its range of great value dishes is one of them.

All that Bingo can work up an appetite, but thankfully Mecca’s menu offers a good variety of meals and snacks to enjoy while you play. 

Choose from crowd-favourites including fish and chips, chicken tikka curry, and burgers. Alternatively, grab yourself some loaded fries to snack on while you play bingo. There’s also a selection of Harry Ramsden’s dishes available.

Players can order food and drinks from their seats using the My Mecca App, so no game of bingo goes interrupted!

Andrew Richbell, general manager of Mecca in Taunton, said: “Bingo is great entertainment and can be an affordable night out, around £20 to £25 a head for a night and food.”

He added: “Saturday is a really good night for new members to come and try. There’s a slightly more laid-back atmosphere, and if you win on a Saturday, you're going to win a smaller but significant amount of money.”

Saturday night has Even Stevens prizes - 15 chances to win £100. On Sunday players have the chance to win the £1,000 prize.

You can pre-book your games at