A BISHOPS Lydeard teenager has made it to the final 30 in an international songwriting competition for the second year in a row.

Keen singer and guitarist Robbie Hope, 13, entered The Young Songwriter 2024 competition with his song called ‘Life Worth Living’.

He impressed the judges to get to the top 30 in his age range (13-15) for the second year running, and his family have got their fingers crossed that will make it into the top 10 on June 11.

About the inspiration for his song, Robbie said: “We have been learning about all the conflict in the world right now at school.

“It made me think about how we should all just get along and put our differences aside as there is a wonderful life worth living if we do.

“I wrote the song in my bedroom with my guitar, a notebook and a pencil. My dad helped me to put it all together on (Apple software) GarageBand.”

He added: “I love music and come from a musical family. I first started experimenting with writing my own songs during lockdown as a way to express myself and keep myself entertained!

“I love the freedom it gives me to put what I’m thinking and feeling out into the world. It’s great when you hear a song you can relate to, and I’d love to think that people could hear one of my songs and it makes sense to them.”

Listen to Robbie's song ‘Life Worth Living’ HERE

The Song Academy Young Songwriter 2024 competition is now in its 14th year.

Lead judge Emily Phillips said: “Over 1,000 songs were submitted this year to The Young Songwriter 2024 competition.

“Once again I have had the privilege of discovering new talent in the next generation of young songwriters.

“It is the most amazing feeling to come across songs written by children, teenagers and young adults that make you stop and think or lose yourself.”