A candle company has launched unique corporate workshops and classes.

Tripps of Somerset founder Tracey Tripp will share knowledge of candle making and support others in building their own candle creating and selling ventures.

She said: "I want to be able to share all my knowledge; candle safety is crucial.

"I am providing one-to-one business classes and workshops to enable those looking to start their candle journey or to incorporate candle-making into their existing business, such as salons or Airbnb."

The unique corporate workshops not only foster team building and morale but also offer a unique and relaxing way for employees to connect.

Every participant gets to custom-make their own, individual candle.

Ms Tripp further expressed her commitment to the safety and compliancy of candle-making in her workshops.

They cater to all learners, from beginners to advanced candle craftsmen, and even include business strategies for marketing and selling candles.

Ms Tripp said: "Seeing others excel in their candle-making business brings me great joy.

"These classes are not just about learning a craft, but about empowering individuals to thrive in their own businesses."

To learn more about Tripps of Somerset and the workshops and classes on offer, visit the company website.