A Clevedon software engineer has praised the life saving treatment she received at Yeovil Hospital.

Laetitia Adkins, 31, had been grappling with excessive fatigue, shortness of breath, and chest pains.

Initially dismissed as post-viral fatigue following two separate illnesses, her condition continued to deteriorate over a year.

It was eventually identified as a severe iron deficiency.

She said: "Now I can consistently breathe, stand up, walk and talk and think.

"I can even dance!"

Ms Adkins undertook iron infusion therapy at the Kingston Wing of Yeovil Hospital.

The private wing operates as a paid service, with proceeds directly contributing to the hospital's funding.

Hannah Pitman, head of private patient services at Yeovil Hospital, said: "This is a service we are extremely proud of.

"We consistently receive such positive feedback about how life changing this treatment has been for our patients."

Alison Hill, transfusion and anaemia clinical nurse specialist, added: "Iron deficiency is extremely common.

"If patients contact us, we normally arrange an appointment within a few days to identify if they are suffering from an iron deficiency."

Laetitia Adkins is not yet fully fit but her improvement is palpable, and she is able to work almost full time.