A TAUNTON mother-of-two has debuted her new children's picture book.

Kiri Eaton's latest work The Frograt was released on Monday, June 3.

The book introduces young readers to the charming yet intriguing character of the Frograt, a creature that is half-frog, half-rat, and his adventures in a swamp populated by eclectic animals.

It carries a subtle message about the detrimental effects of greed, thereby educating pre-schoolers on its implications.

This enchanting narrative is accompanied by vivid illustrations crafted by Ukrainian illustrator, Julia Vasina, who despite living amidst wrenching circumstances, managed to infuse the pages with her distinctive creative charm and humour.

The beautifully designed picture book is available in two formats: it can either be purchased as a 34 page, glossy cover paperback, or an eBook.

Ms Eaton, who also manages a care home, drew inspiration from the bedtime stories she fashioned for her own children.

This working mother of two has consistently showcased her creativity through unique ventures including creating elaborate adult-sized Barbie doll outfits.

She has also shown a penchant for renovating old buildings.

Her new book is demonstrative of her imaginative talents and commitment to nurturing young minds.