A WEDDING exhibition held at the Church of St James the Great in Fitzhead has raised more than £1,000 to support the historic building's upkeep. 

The event, which showcased the evolution of weddings over six decades, spanning from the war years to the present day, attracted 200 visitors on May 25 and 26.

It was organised by Fitzhead resident Sue Webber, who has a professional background in designing and making wedding dresses. The exhibition featured 30 wedding dresses, along with accessories and photographs, lent by local residents.

Reflecting on the event's success, Sue said: “Visitors of all ages have enjoyed it, from young girls for whom it was like a visual history lesson, to older people who got so much joy remembering their weddings.”

Materials on show ranged from silk to satin, while some of the earlier wartime dresses were crafted from whatever resources were available, including parachute silk and fabrics bought with donated wartime coupons.

Among the displays was a creation by Juliet Middleton, a member of the local Fitzhead choir.

Her Alexander McQueen-inspired skirt, made entirely of doilies for her 1999 wedding, caught the attention of many.

“It was cut to make it look like lace and the idea was to make something fragile that acknowledged it would only be worn once, but ironically it has kept for over twenty years,” explained Juliet.

In the Tithe Barn next door, volunteers served homemade cake and tea to visitors.