A STUDY has ranked Somerset among the UK's top destinations to visit by camper van.

The research took into account several criteria to come up with a rating out of ten, ranking every county in the nation for its campervan suitability.

Scores were measured on the number of motorhome parks, things to do, walking trails, and cycling trails in a 100-square-mile radius, as well as RV listings within 50 miles, and annual 'campervan hire' searches.

Somerset ranked sixth with a score of 6.67 out of ten, thanks to its beaches, walking trails, and available activities.

A spokesperson for Moneybarn Car Finance, which conducted the research, said: "Your staycation here will be memorable with numerous activities to keep you busy, from 1,565 things to do, as well as 36 beaches and five lakes to help you cool off from the summer heat.

"Somerset also has 41 walking trails and 25.7 cycling trails per 100 square miles for those who like to get active in nature."

Kent came top of the list with a score of 7.72 out of ten, followed by East Sussex, and Surrey.