TEMPORARY lights will be in place near the pedestrian crossing at the entrance of Vivary Park in Taunton while upgrading works continue.

The lights will be in place from next Monday (June 17) and Somerset Council is warning residents and motorists of “slight delays at busy times”.

A Somerset Council spokesperson said: “Taunton Upper High St works update: You may be aware the pedestrian crossing at the entrance of Vivary Park, Taunton, is getting an upgrade.

“From next Monday, June 17 there will be temporary lights in place.

“This may mean there are slight delays at busy times so it’s worth planning ahead.

“If you can use another route that would be helpful, plus don’t forget, if you’re commuting into Taunton the Park and Ride services at Silk Mills and Gateway will cost you just £2 return.

“Once work is completed there will be new state-of-the-art traffic signals and the crossing will be aligned with the park’s entrance.”

Somerset Council is currently replacing traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing on Taunton’s Upper High Street.

The pedestrian crossing which connects High Street with the north entrance to Vivary Park is being improved with new traffic signals and realigned markings to position it more directly with the park entrance.

Work started on Monday, May 13, and is expected to be completed in August.

The work is part of Somerset Council’s Future High Streets Fund programme which includes improved pedestrian and cycling facilities for the town.

The work also ensures the traffic lights which have reached the end of their working life are replaced.

Somerset West and Taunton Council was awarded more than £13.9m from the government’s future high streets fund in December 2020, to be used to support regeneration projects throughout the town centre.

In addition to aiding regeneration efforts at the Coal Orchard and Firepool sites, some of the funding was set aside to deliver an improved walking and cycling route from Taunton railway station all the way to Vivary Park.

To deliver part of this vision, Somerset Council (which replaced the district council in April) announced in May that it would relocate the existing pedestrian crossing on the A38 Upper High Street, moving it directly in front of the Vivary Park entrance gates.