A local housebuilder has made a donation to Tropiquaria Zoo to upgrade a habitat to welcome new arrivals.

Summerfield Homes homes has donated £500 to the Watchet zoo for its latest residents, a pair of Prevost's squirrels.

These squirrels, of black, chestnut, and white colour, now call the refurbished enclosure at the wildlife park their home.

The vibrant siblings were donated from Chester Zoo and are currently settling well into their new abode.

Tropiquaria Zoo aims to bring another unrelated squirrel into the enclosure for a breeding programme and add to the group.

This zoo is renowned in Watchet and its surroundings for its collection of rare fish, reptiles and its dedication to conservation work.

(Image: Summerfield Homes)

Philip Morgan, divisional director, sales and marketing for Summerfield Homes, said: "Summerfield Homes is pleased to continue supporting local businesses such as Tropiquaria, we recognise that the zoo is an important part of the Watchet community and attracts visitors from all across the country throughout the year.

"Not only does Tropiquaria offer a great family day out, but their continued efforts to preserve endangered species through their conservation projects must be acknowledged."

Jake Tyler, head keeper at Tropiquaria Zoo, said: "We are grateful to Summerfield Homes for funding the new home for the prevost squirrels who are already proving popular with our visitors.

"The cost of housing, heating, and feeding all the animals is ever-increasing and we have been badly hit in recent years by the effect of Covid on visitor numbers so greatly appreciate help from businesses like Summerfield Homes."

You can support Tropiquaria Zoo by visiting or by making a one-off donation via their website.

Businesses can explore sponsorship options by contacting Jake Tyler via info@tropiquaria.co.uk.