A nursery and preschool in Taunton celebrated its annual employee appreciation month in May.

Kiddi Caru Day Nursery and Preschool, part of Grandir UK, marked the "May I Say Thank You" initiative.

The month-long event supports and rewards the relentless hard work of all Grandir UK staff.

Members of various teams conducted their own celebrations to highlight their appreciation for colleagues' daily efforts.

Gemma Goodman, head of HR at Grandir UK, said: "At Grandir UK, our people are our greatest asset.

"It is incredibly important to us that we dedicate an entire month to demonstrating our appreciation for how much the passion, hard work and commitment of our teams make Grandir UK an inspiring place to be."

Additionally, the regional GrandAwards became a significant segment of the celebration, where teams across the network vote for individuals in nine categories, including Inspirational Leadership Award and Parent Partnership Award.

The celebration also coincided with Mental Health Awareness Week from May 13 to May 19, positioning it as an optimal time to promote self-care, emotional expression, and mindfulness to children.

Currently, Grandir UK operates 85 day nurseries across the South West, Midlands, Southeast and Central England, and recently received certification as a Great Place to Work.