A new international contemporary art gallery in Bruton, Somerset is hosting its first solo art exhibition.

FEIN Collections, which opened in April this year, is presenting Dancing on the Razor's Edge by artist David Hansen.

His detailed works explore the destruction of nature and humanity through an array of artistic mediums.

FEIN Collection's founder and owner, Danielle L. Newns Fein, said: "I had always wanted to internationally promote the work of truly talented artists in whom I strongly believe.

"David’s work elates me both aesthetically and intellectually.

"He posits in perpetuity the question as to whether redemption of man’s character would be possible in the dystopic world he creates within the narrative of his detailed and explosive body of artwork.

"There is constantly a surrealist tension of being on the verge of – something – within every second captured."

FEIN Collections intends to further boost Bruton's established arts scene, featuring works from seven global contemporary artists.

The gallery aims to promote each artist's unique talents and techniques beyond Somerset.

FEIN Collections is located at Unit 7, Old Mill Business Park, right above The Cellarhand wine shop.

It is open from 10am to 4pm, Wednesday to Saturday inclusive.