A TALENTED photographer from Somerset has captured an incredible photo ahead of this year's Glastonbury Festival.

Josh Dury, an astro-photographer from the Mendip Hills area, captured this shot inspired by Kate Bush and Grace Jones - two musicians who have heavily influenced his work.

"This image celebrates the conversion of the arts; the ‘pyramid’ that is music, photography and astronomy," Josh said. 

"I am reaching out through the stars by dedicating this image to two of my most influential music artists who have played an integral part in the crafting of my images; Kate Bush and Grace Jones."A closer look at the shot.A closer look at the shot. (Image: Josh Dury Photo-Media)

The photo, titled 'Starstruck', captures the Orion constellation above the iconic stage setting.

"This image captures what’s called the ‘Orion Molecular Complex’ (the nebulas) and for this, longer exposure times were required to capture such dynamicity in this shot and for this reason is a composite," Josh added.

"It is my hopes that through the stars this image will reach Glastonbury Festival as well as music stars Kate Bush and Grace Jones to thank them for both their inspiration and ingenuity that their music has given to craft my astro-images."