A 60-bedroom hotel, farm shop, and an EV and petrol station have been proposed in plans for a new service station off the A303.

The proposed site would sit on land from Plowage Lane To Conegar Corner in West Camel, forming a new "trunk road service area" on the A303 northbound — complete with a truck stop and restaurant/cafe.

The planning application was submitted to Somerset Council by Grassroots Planning on behalf of Hopkins Estates on June 10. It states that a "key element" of the design is a "much-needed" EV rapid charging hub.

Plans for the energy station on the A303.Plans for the energy station on the A303. (Image: Grassroots Planning/Somerset Council)

A planning statement reads: "Full application for the development of a new Trunk Road Service Area incorporating a farm shop and restaurant/cafe, hotel/lodge accommodation, energy station (including electric vehicle energy hub and petrol filling station), photovoltaic solar arrays, truck stop, strategic landscaping and other ancillary works."

 The service station's farm shop, restaurant, and overnight accommodation is described as an "exciting project opportunity to provide much needed local infrastructure and to deliver an attractive environment for people to stop and rest as they travel along the SRN [strategic road network]." 

A barn on the 12.5 hectares of land would need to be demolished, the plans show.A barn on the 12.5 hectares of land would need to be demolished, the plans show. (Image: Grassroots Planning/Somerset Council)

The application stated that it "provides the opportunity for farm diversification and supports the local rural economy."

An existing barn on the 12.5 hectares of land will need to be demolished to carry out the proposed building and landscaping.