FOUR talented students from an academy in Taunton are set to jet off to Prague this Saturday (June 22) to take part in the finals of the Dance World Cup.

Jemima McLaughlin (Year 10), Ruby Layzell (Year 10), Maisie Richards (Year 9), and Verity Jones (Year 9), from Monkton Wood Academy (MWA), have all been selected to take part.

The students will be part of a 17-strong team from The Katrina Lyndon School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance (KLBC) in Taunton.

(Image: Contributed)

The team has triumphed over thousands of other dancers to reach the finals, a milestone they have been training extremely hard for over the past year.

The Dance World Cup is the largest global sporting event second only to the Olympics and will see dancers from over 60 countries competing in ballet, tap, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, and show dance styles.

Jen Martin, associate assistant principal at Monkton Wood, said: “We wish the students the best of luck and hope the experience will be truly rewarding.

“This is a chance of a lifetime.”