GLASTONBURY Festival-goers are set to drink 1.2 million pints over the weekend.

This astonishing figure, which is equivalent to 4,000 bath tubs, makes Glastonbury the UK's booziest festival.

Here, music lovers quench their thirst with the help of 19 tankers brought in to supply their needs, each delivering 53,000 pints of beer to Worthy Farm.

The journey of this beer begins with careful planning by the Treasure Services Group, key suppliers for UK festivals.

In partnership with Generation Logistics, an awareness campaign, they have revealed what it takes to prepare and transport these large volumes of beer to the fields of Britain in time for the peak party season.

(Image: Generation Logistics)

Treasure Services Group transports beer from over 76 different UK breweries to each festival on lorries.

The drinks reach festival bars no more than two days before opening to ensure freshness.

Their specialist tankers, some compartmentalised to transport up to three types of beer at a time, are thermally insulated before setting out on the road.

This helps to maintain the optimum temperature of the beer throughout the journey.

This massive logistics operation requires an entire team of professionals working round the clock to ensure stocks never run out.

Bethany Windsor, programme director at Generation Logistics, highlighted the enormity of their task.

She said: "When music lovers are enjoying a nice beer at their favourite festival, it’s unlikely that they will stop to think about how it all got there in the first place.

"Something that may seem as simple as having a stocked bar for a festival requires months of careful planning and consideration by an entire team of skilled logistics professionals working round the clock - the true hidden power of the sector."

Ms Windsor noted that this immense logistical effort serves as a springboard for young people interested in a career in logistics.

She added: "At Generation Logistics, our aim is to raise awareness of the breadth of careers available to young people within the logistics sector.

"Who knows, if you join the sector, one day, you may even be on hand to help facilitate the transportation of beer to thirsty festival goers!"

(Image: Generation Logistics)

Survey shows Glastonbury festival-goers love their pints as it tops the list of UK's booziest festivals, palpably ahead of Download Festival, which transported 160,000 draft pints earlier this June, Isle of Wight with 100,000 pints last weekend, and TRNSMT and V Festival (Reading) at 90,000.

Indeed, the British summer and festival season is in full swing, with rucksacks packed and campers gearing up to head to the fields.

Amid all the excitement and tunes, remember to appreciate not just the music but the very drink in hand and the journey it made to reach you.