Avon Fire and Rescue Service has appointed a new assistant chief fire officer for Service Delivery.

Luke Gazzard brings over 25 years of dedicated service and experience in the Avon Fire and Rescue Service and took over the position this month.

As Assistant Chief Fire Officer for Service Delivery, Luke will be leading on the Services’ operational response, including all operational firefighters, control operators and the Prevention and Protection Departments. 

Luke said: “After a tough recruitment process, I’m excited to have been successfully appointed as the Assistant Chief Fire Officer for Service Delivery.

“As I take on this new role, I’m keen to ensure that people, professionalism and pride are the golden thread through everything I do. Throughout my career, I’ve seen many changes in Avon Fire and Rescue Service and the wider sector, and I’m looking forward to working closely with all of our staff to influence our journey as we move forward.

"As I join the Service Leadership Board, I’m excited to be a part of the strategic change as we work towards being the best Service that we can be.”

Luke joined the service in 1999 as a firefighter on Avonmouth Red Watch. He then worked at Southmead, Bath, and Patchway before becoming a station manager in Learning and Development.

He worked in Risk Intelligence and was the area manager head of operational response. For the 12 months before taking his new role, he headed up the Service Improvement Team.

Chief Fire Officer Simon Shilton said: “We are thrilled to have Luke accept this position within the Service. Luke brings a wealth of experience to the Service Leadership Board, his passion and dedication to the sector will be vital in driving our Service forward.

“After a robust and competitive recruitment process, in which both internal and external applications were invited, Luke performed incredibly well. He demonstrated exceptional skill and leadership commitment to our community and our staff. I look forward to working with him closely to make our Service stronger and our communities safer.”