QUEUES formed at Frome's Cheese and Grain on Thursday night, despite the music venue stating there would be no "secret Coldplay gig".

Speculation that the Glastonbury Festival headliners could be performing a "secret gig" at the community-owned venue began when locals reported seeing musical equipment being unloaded.

A photo appearing to show the band's logo on flight cases being delivered to the venue by stage trucks was posted to social media, sparking rumours.

Posting to the Frome community Facebook group, one worker said: "Worked at the Cheese & Grain last night, and can categorically say there was no event.

Queues at the Cheese and Grain on Thursday evening.Queues at the Cheese and Grain on Thursday evening. (Image: NQ)

"However, slightly disappointed to observe some of the behaviour and attitude within the assembled crowd/queue outside the perimeter fencing.

"Some of the aggressive, albeit verbal, behaviour towards staff who were merely trying to inform the public that there was no event and therefore would be no s was slightly disappointing to say the least.

"These members of staff are only doing their jobs, and purely passing on a message for the benefit of everyone stood outside; people are more than welcome to stand outside and wait, but please don’t be rude to the staff who are trying to help you. 

"In contrast, and much to the pleasure of the staff, there were also lots of lovely, positive and happy people that you had some wonderful conversations and understood the situation brand-new.

"We are lucky to have such a fantastic venue in our town!! - I am local enough, and old enough to remember the days before the Cheese and Grain and can say that Frome is a much brighter place for having the venue in town!"

The music venue said in a statement on Thursday: "We are receiving a large number of enquiries about the potential of a secret Glastonbury show at the venue.

"We can unequivocally state that there will be no events at all taking place at the Cheese and Grain until Sunday's screening of England's Round of 16 game in the UEFA EURO 2024.

"To those lucky enough to be making the trip to Glastonbury Festivals over the weekend, we hope you have an incredible time and drink lots of water!"

Asked for further reassurance from a Coldplay fan, the Cheese and Grain replied: "As we have said unequivocally there is no event at the venue until Sunday.

"So people should not wait around as sadly they will be left disappointed."