East Coker Community Primary School's workshop with Team England basketballer Corey Samuels raised £1,379.

It will be used to finance vital training, medical, and competition costs, and to enrich pupils' learning experience.

The school successfully raised the funds thanks to 53 supporters over 42 days, starting from June 24.

The pupils at the school participated in a fitness circuit led by the professional athlete.

Mr Samuels was also part of an inspirational assembly where he spoke about his journey, showing his medals and discussing the challenges he faced on his road to success.

The money raised was distributed with the school retaining 60 per cent of the funds.

The remaining 40 per cent was used to support professional athletes like Mr Samuels.

The school believes in providing a balanced approach to education, including academic and wider experiences to develop well-rounded and confident young people.

The involvement with Team Sports For Champions helps, not just the athletes with their competition costs, but also the pupils who benefit from the physical activity, inspirational discussions and a Q&A session with the athlete.

East Coker Community Primary School is devoted to promoting health, wellbeing, and diversity among pupils and raising their aspirations through sports.