ONE Glastonbury Festival goer was left in a "full panic" after accidentally shredding his ticket just weeks before the big event.

Chris Jeffers, from Manchester, was shredding "important sensitive documents" on June 9 when he realised he'd mistakenly put his £355 ticket through the shredder.

His friend Charlotte Holly Edge jumped into action, turning to Facebook for advice, while her husband Greg Conrad attempted to piece the ticket back together.

Charlotte wrote: "So.... my friend accidentally shredded his Glastonbury ticket! It was in a pile of sensitive documents and he hadn't realised it was in there until it was too late.

Chris and his friend Charlotte inside Glastonbury Festival.Chris and his friend Charlotte inside Glastonbury Festival. (Image: Charlotte Holly Edge)

"Is there anything he can do? We are in full panic mode right now. Any advice??? Please say there's something we can do!!!!"

After a two-and-a-half-hour puzzle session, Greg was able to sift through the pile of shredded paper to piece together Chris' complete ticket.

The friends then sent this "proof" to the Glastonbury ticket office, and thankfully were met with excellent news.

Charlotte said: "My husband put the ticket back together which took him 2.5 hours. They [Glastonbury] reissued a ticket thankfully as we sent the proof."

The friends were able to enter the festival together without a hitch.