FOOD is a crucial part of the Glastonbury Festival experience.

Some of the 400 traders have grown something of a cult reputation among regular festival-goers, and Sam’s Pies is one of them.

The company has two stalls at the festival: one opposite the Other Stage, and one at The Park, near the new Scissors venue.

Sam’s came highly recommended to me by friends who attended Glastonbury 2023, so I made sure to try them out this time around.

Festival-goers can buy a pie near the Other or Park stages.Festival-goers can buy a pie near the Other or Park stages. (Image: Newsquest)

As Jamie Webster sang and talked politics on the Other stage, I joined the short early lunchtime queue to see what it’s all about.

I opted for the spinach, sweet potato and goat’s cheese pie with mash and onion gravy for £11 – which is pretty good by festival standards.

Customers have the option to upgrade to a pie meal for an extra £1.50, which also comes with a choice of peas or beans.

I then found a spot in the shade next to the Glade Dome to dig in – and it didn’t disappoint.

The pie itself was generously sized and came with two scoops of rustic-looking mash, with a helping of the gravy poured over the top.

Here's what's on offer.Here's what's on offer. (Image: Newsquest)

The mash was well seasoned and quite peppery, and breaking through the pie’s crisp pastry revealed plenty of delicious filling within.

A little more gravy wouldn’t have gone amiss but, besides that, it more than hit the spot for a hearty lunch in an ideal location at Worthy Farm.

Another bonus is that the pies are made (relatively) locally. The stalls say they’re ‘handmade in Devon’, though exactly where seemed something of a mystery to staff, and the business’s limited web presence didn’t reveal any more answers.

But still, if you’re looking for a bite to eat, I’d gladly pass on the recommendation.