Glastonbury 2024 has seen lots of live music fill lots of ears this weekend but for those who haven’t been able to attend, the TV has been their best friend as they keep up with all the action from home.

However, some music fans have taken to social media platform X, formerly Twitter, to ask why some performances haven’t been uploaded to BBC iPlayer.

The BBC is broadcasting live coverage from its channels as well as iPlayer but it was noticed that performances from the likes of Kasabian, Keane and Squeeze aren’t available to watch on demand yet, despite others being on there.

One music fan posted a comment to X, saying: “#BBC #Glastonbury Why are you not showing Squeeze on iPlayer.”

Another said: “Really disappointed with @BBCiPlayer coverage of #glastonbury. Haven’t seen any of the acts I wanted to. No coverage of Avalon stage, summerfest etc. Where are @keaneofficial ?! They played the pyramid stage and still aren’t on iPlayer.

“What a shame.”

A third asked: “Why isn’t the Kasabian set on IPlayer? #Glastonbury”

So why are some performances on iPlayer while others aren’t?

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Why BBC iPlayer is not showing all Glastonbury performances yet

Speaking to Newsquest, the BBC explained that performances from Kasabian, Keane and Squeeze were available to watch live on BBC iPlayer and are going to be “available on demand soon”.

Glastonbury is always a huge music event with countless acts performing across the different stages and this has meant that some performances haven’t been made available to watch on demand straight away on BBC iPlayer.

With more than 90 sets being made available on demand for those watching on BBC iPlayer, the BBC explained that sometimes there is variation between the times performances take place and when they become available to watch on demand.