A TOTAL of 30 arrests were made at Glastonbury Festival this year, with 121 incidents recorded so far.

Avon and Somerset Police have released the crime figures for Glastonbury Festival 2024, from Wednesday, June 26 until 10am on Monday, July 1.

Of the 121 offences, there was one burglary, three counts of criminal damage, 27 crime-related incidents, 19 drug offences, four counts of fraud, seven public order offences, one robbery, two sexual offences, 26 thefts, one vehicle offence, and 30 counts of violence against a person.

Avon and Somerset Police superintendent Mark Runacres said: "As we reach the end of another Glastonbury Festival we're really pleased to report it's been a very safe event.

"Reported incidents to the police have been down again this year. We've been really well-received by the public and people who attended." 

There were 30 people arrested and taken into custody, according to Avon and Somerset Police's data from Qlik.

Of those arrested, 21 were on suspicion of at least one drug-related offence.

The remaining nine people were arrested on suspicion of offences including affray, assault-related offences, fraud, or failure to comply with a section 35 order.

The figures include alleged offences inside and outside the perimeter.

The force added that "the final tally of recorded occurrences and arrests will likely change over time", due to victims reporting crimes after the festival.

In 2023, 36 arrests were made at the festival and 134 “occurrences” were recorded by Avon and Somerset Police.

Sharing this year's figures, the force added that "each occurrence can have multiple people arrested for it" and "similarly one person could be arrested for multiple suspected offences".

Avon and Somerset Police clarified that a "Crime Related Incident" is described as a "record of a reported incident where a crime is alleged to have taken place which, on the balance of probabilities would normally amount to a notifiable offence but, due to certain circumstances, a crime has not been recorded."

The force added: "For example, a third-party report where no victim is identifiable to corroborate if a crime has happened."