TAUNTON'S Castle School enjoyed a "fantastic" prom for year 11 leavers on Wednesday.

Students spent the night of June 26 at Oake Manor's venue and put on an impressive convoy of interesting vehicles as they arrived.

Oake Manor said in a post: "All the fantastic arrivals from The Castle School tonight for their prom!! Don’t they all look incredible!!"

It added: "We're ready to party!"

The red carpet was rolled out as Castle School students arrived in luxury cars, and even a vintage "heavy haulage" truck.

One of the most unusual vehicles to arrive was a rickshaw, followed by classic vintage cars and a tandem bike.

Several students made a memorable arrival on a carnival float, while another arrived on a dirt bike.

A formal dinner was enjoyed followed by a night on the dance floor. A mobile photo booth was there to capture the last of the student's school days.