ICED coffees are one of the trendiest drinks on the market, and here's where to go in Somerset to enjoy a perfect iced coffee moment this summer.

Whether you choose to take yours with oat milk, caramel syrup or simply just coffee on the rocks, an iced coffee is the perfect addition to any outing.

Here are the top five places in Somerset offering iced coffee, to ensure your next day out is not deprived of an essential icy caffeine hit.

1. The Corner Club, Taunton

A café brimming with both eye-candy and actual treats alike, there is sure to be at least ten things that take your fancy on its extensive menu. Offering lattes with many creative options such as Minty Blue and Sweet Turmeric, you could choose to experiment with new flavours in your visit. Of course, a classic iced latte is also on the menu but why miss an opportunity to explore these other original options? And could you really turn down a stack of pancakes with a true array of topping options to go with your chosen refreshment?

Address: 19B Bath Place, Taunton, TA1 4EP

2. Brazier Coffee Roasters, Wellington

A dog-friendly café with a unique brunch menu and coffee that is freshly roasted next door, Brazier Coffee Roasters has it all – including iced coffee on the menu, of course. If you’re looking for a café with a rustic ambience and “a fab vibe for spending a couple hours”, this is the place to go. Who wouldn’t enjoy sipping on a home-roasted iced americano to their chill playlist?

Address: 10-11 Tonedale Mill Business Park, Wellington, TA21 0AW

3. Strangers with Coffee, Wells

Tucked away just off Wells’ Highstreet, Strangers with Coffee is the perfect location to enjoy a refreshment whilst not travelling far from the beaten track. Despite having quite a minimal menu, it still offers iced coffees with many milk and syrup options. Perhaps you’re in need of an iced coffee when briefly stopping through Wells or taking a break with a day-out with friends, but regardless of circumstance, if you’re in the area, this café is definitely worth checking out. Alongside your iced coffee order, many mesmerising cakes and various pastries should be tried and tasted if you get the chance.

Address: 31 St Cuthbert Street, Wells, BA5 2AW

4. Wookey Hub, Wells

Another gem in Wells, Wookey Hub is also located in the centre of the village for easy access. A locally-sourced and plastic-free menu, Wookey Hub provides a sustainable option for your next iced coffee. This café prides itself on a long list of iced drinks, breaking away from having just the typical iced latte by offering frappes with numerous flavours and a range of syrups to add to your chosen iced drink.

Address: Top Shop, High Street, Wookey,Wells, BA5 1JZ

5. Boston Tea Party, Taunton

Boston Tea Party knows how to café correctly so there is no iced coffee absence on their menu. BTP is no ordinary chain so, fittingly, its iced coffees aren’t ordinary either. In fact, they even contain a secret ingredient. Can you guess it? I suppose you’ll just have to visit the café to try it out – don’t worry, the menu says to trust them on it!

Address: 25A Fore Street, Taunton, TA1 1JW